The Pro Designers Story

The Pro Designers Story

Mohamed Shamheel - Founder and Managing Director

The best startups are conceived with hardships, challenges and chance. Pro Designers, too, started from a chance encounter with a graphics software and grew with the many challenges our team and myself faced.

Eight years ago, I was a reluctantly self-grounded teenager who was recovering from an oddly timed chickenpox infection, I had plenty of time and my room mate’s laptop. What started as fiddling around with Photoshop’s tools became a very serious endeavor to hone a skill I never knew had. Soon, I was learning the dynamics of web design and development and eventually established Pro Designers Pvt.Ltd.

The first days of Pro Designers saw a simple desktop computer, financed by one of our directors, in a small living room with two people running the services. Whilst balancing our day jobs, we applied for our first bid to design a calendar, as a company. Plot twist - we did not win - but that was far from discouraging us. We kept going, even with the constant constraints and limitations we faced as a new company. Being stubborn when it comes to perseverance evidently favored us.

Fast forward to 2018 and Pro Designers has grown into a team of twenty, fun-loving, talented and driven individuals; stemming from creative disciplines such as 3D designing, augmented and virtual reality, animation and website development . I believe, I am continuously inspired by their willingness to take on complex challenges with optimism.

At Pro Designers, we do not just offer people jobs; our aim is to create opportunities, let them present their work at international platforms and keep inspiring them to grow and learn. I believe, those who work in creative fields still face different hurdles and it is tougher to break through them without the right channels. This is one of the motives that propels our drive to conquer the challenges.

It is a joyous feeling to know that today, Pro Designers has accomplished projects like Teaching Tube and Hologo; using innovative technologies like augmented reality, making a significant impact across the country. Yet, we are also humbled to know that there is more to learn and create, for us to grow as a company.

The Pro Designers story has only just begun. I believe the journey we embarked on in 2011, is still strong and anchored by the values that keep us united as a team.