Website design and development for One Avenue

Jul 15, 2018

Website design and development for One Avenue

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With real estate in the Maldives having rapidly risen, Male’ and Hulhumale› have been urbanizing at increasing speeds.

DAMAS Real Estate Pvt. Ltd. ventured into the industry to provide not just another concrete building for its residents, but a complete experience unlike any of its competitors.

To make this a reality DAMAS REAL Estate Pvt Ltd gave Pro Designers an opportunity to develop their website. With the help of our team, we were able to build a website of a sleek and professional look, easy for users to interact and explore and a creative way to put forward the necessary information required.

We have included 360 viewing experience for the interiors of the building!

Our web design and development project for One Avenue — Damas Real Estate Hulhumale’ Real Estate project!

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One Avenue
Jul 15, 2018
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